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Porsche Club: There is NO substitute!

Los Angeles
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This community is for all of us Porsche enthusiasts out there who basically are in love with the Porsche. Most of us have always been "car people" in general but we all know that there is something so special about the Porsche. We love its racing heritage, its timeless design, its unparalleled mark left on the history of the automobile, that awesome sound of a 911 boxer engine winding up, and the overal way that Porsche defines what a car should be and is: a drivers car.

In this community we discuss our cars, feelings, experiences, passion, problems, and how to us, the Porsche has become the ultimate automobile in history.

Please feel free to post grituidous pics, personal experiences, funny links, etc. but all must have something to do with Porsche or they will be deleted. Have fun and keep it real...

PORSCHE CLUB is run and maintained by: kermit_the_blog